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If you’re not sure, talk to a teacher

Call Kansas City teacher Joseph Kang for career wisdom

Author: Joseph Kang

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The phone is ringing. I can feel the anticipation and excitement coursing through me, knowing that on the other end is a person searching for their way to impact the future of the world, find their calling, and change lives starting with their own community.

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Deciding to teach

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My journey began very similar to the prospects (future teachers) who I have had the pleasure to talk with: a conversation. I have always had many ambitions. 

I worked in a variety of fields before entering education, but I wanted to find a career that could blend all my skills into a purposeful passion. 

The thought of teaching entered my mind periodically over a number of years, but I delayed the process and had numerous questions. It was when I had this conversation with a friend that I really began considering teaching as an opportunity. 

Fast forward to today, and I continue finding myself setting more goals and expectations. I am able to use my passion for teaching and my interest in science to shape the future generation, but I am constantly experimenting and improving on these methods to make sure my students receive a high-quality education by graduation. 

The beauty of the teaching profession is that there is no limit on your own growth.

Talk to a teacher for advice

I love teaching science, but another interest of mine is helping students find their own passions and paths. 

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I recently became a Talk to a Teacher ambassador to expand myself beyond the classroom and help people of all ages discover if teaching is a strong fit for them. The conversations I’ve had so far have been engaging, fruitful and refreshing. They’ve addressed various topics: 

  • The challenges and rewards of teaching
  • Diversity
  • Financial security
  • Teacher preparation programs
  • Higher education

I love being able to learn about the person I am speaking with, about their current skills, and discuss how they can relate to the teaching profession. During this process, the enthusiasm can be contagious! 

People who call in are of all different backgrounds and areas around the country. Each individual brings his or her unique questions and ideas about teaching to our conversations, but: 

The universal idea that every prospect has vocalized is the impact that a teacher has on the future and the need for these types of teachers.

Kansas City loves educators

Kansas City offers a diverse community and urban environment. While I’ve spent my time here, I have noticed growth, strong connections, and partnerships with local industries and organizations. 

Industry leaders speak about the demand for a highly educated workforce, so it’s up to teachers to create the supply. We need to bring leaders into the classroom as teachers. After all:

Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.

I would highly encourage all Kansas City individuals to explore teaching as a profession because it provides a win-win for all involved parties and for their homegrown community. There are many opportunities to enter the profession, and talking to an educator and coach makes the process seamless. 

For current teachers who truly love their profession, share your joy with others by becoming a Talk to a Teacher ambassador! Teaching and being an ambassador provides a unique way of building unity. 

No matter who I am speaking with, I believe that the caller and I have come out of Talk to a Teacher conversations wholeheartedly better every time.