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Be inspired every day. Teach in Missouri.

Low cost-of-living, a vibrant region and an innovative education community define Missouri. Join us on our mission to redefine teaching.

The Cutting Edge of Education Innovation

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Missouri boasts some of the most unique and diverse school models in the nation: schools that are piloting partnerships with local businesses, creating on-ramps to college credits in high school and offering language immersion programs. 

Dynamic educational models are found in the heartland and cities of Missouri. All you have to do is decide which one is right for you.

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The “Show Me State” Lives Up to its Name

While you teach students during the day, you can enjoy a rich life outside the classroom. From the hills, to the lakes to the cities, you’ll have plenty to keep you inspired.

Get Outside

Missouri is filled with natural wonders. Camp in the Mark Twain National Forest, visit the Missouri Botanical Gardens, or hike around one of the state’s 92 state parks (92!). If you enjoy getting into nature, you’re all set.

Take a BBQ Tour

It’s hard to pinpoint just one food that Missouri is known for, but ask any resident, and often the favorite meal is barbeque. While Kansas City has some world-renowned spots, you’ll find BBQ deliciousness all over the state. Rolling Stone even did a whole article about it! Check out Five of Missouri’s Must-Visit Barbeque Hotspots

Get City Life With a Small Town Vibe

Cities are great—with museums, music venues, restaurants and sports arenas. But city life can be challenging too. You can find the best of the city without all the hassles of bigger places in towns like Branson, St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbia.  St. Louis is also home to some of the greatest sports teams including the St. Louis Cardinals, the Kansas City Chiefs and the St. Louis Blues.

The Good Life

According to census data, Missouri is currently ranked number nine for most affordable housing in the country. This means great educational opportunities, family fun, and homes all at great prices.

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Adventure of a Lifetime

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You have the opportunity to change the trajectory of the next generation (and still get summers off). Missouri is a great place to live and has a little bit of something for everyone. Cities, rural areas, affordable housing, culture, nature, sports, great food and so much more. Learn more about how you can begin your journey.

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