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TEACH Missouri’s mission is to inspire the next generation of amazing educators—starting with you.

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Who We Are

TEACH Missouri is a statewide coalition of K-12 schools, colleges, government, community organizations and nonprofits committed to helping the next generation of Missouri teachers by providing free tools to explore the profession, choose a pathway and get certified. 

The initiative is led by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Missouri Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development, and TEACH.org.

How we help future teachers

TEACH Missouri streamlines everything you need to know and makes it easy to understand. We’re proud to offer many free products and services to help future teachers get started.

When you sign up, you’ll get access to the following products and tools for FREE:

  • Up-to-date teacher certification guides
  • A searchable teaching program database
  • Detailed information about financial aid, salary and benefits
  • Customized application checklists, for when you’re ready to apply to a teaching program
  • Sample essays and resumes to make your application shine
  • $1,000 scholarships and fee reimbursements for things like testing and transcript fees

Check out the video below for a quick tour of our website and highlights of the products and services you’ll find.

About TEACH Missouri

TEACH Missouri is a statewide partnership between Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, school districts, universities and other educator preparation programs, and TEACH (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded by the U.S. Department of Education, with a mission to help people consider teaching and enter the profession.)
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